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MMP Torneria Srl is a new production company on the field of metal turned fasteners and minutia.

The presence of trained workers, a wide procedure system that rules productions and the wide range of machinery available, allows MMP Torneria Srl to satisfy even the most demanding requests from customers, which are operating in several market sectors going from the mechanical to the electrical industry, from the hydraulics to the oil-hydraulics, from the car industry to the farm appliances one.

MMP Torneria is following up a development plan aimed to reach a higher standard quality. To this purpose, the company founded a technical department to support the final customer from planning to  final testing of the product. This same team checks each step of manufacturing process and verifies the level of customer satisfaction.

About Us
Quality Policy

Quality Policy


MMP Torneria srl main target is represented by the customer satisfaction, in the respect of the requirements established by the customer himself and of the norms set by the law, being these last the fundamental premise to guarantee competitiveness and success in the long period.

The Direction, for this purpose, considers to be ultimate focusing on the inspiring principles of its metallic fasteners production activities in the following areas:

  • customers
    human resources


MMP guarantees, in the working relationship with its customer:

  • High quality supplied products;

  • Defect minimization;

  • On time deliveries;

  • Flexibility;

  • Continuous innovation of the technological skills and development of new products;

  • Customer care


Internal relationships are shaped on the respect of the following values:

  • mutual cooperation;

  • accuracy and openness;

  • availability and flexibility;


MMP selection and evaluation of the suppliers are based on the following principles:

  • quality and accuracy of the supplies;

  • cost- quality relationship of the supply;

  • flexibility;

The growth and the success of the company are based not only on quality, but especially on the mutual cooperation of all the staff working within the company itself. All the staff is therefore encouraged this way and they all operate the Company Policy herewith set forth, this even to get a better working scenario.

As to fulfill such a policy, the Direction introduced a Quality Management System in accordance with norm UNI EN ISO 9001.

The Direction commits itself in the re-examination of both the Quality System and the Quality Policy at least once a year in order to guarantee their effectiveness and validity throughout time and to obtain the continuous individual improvement in the fields above.

The Direction commits itself in the diffusion of the Quality Policy to all the levels of the company, sensitizing and training the whole staff through the circulation of the results obtained vs the target set.


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The Direction

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